The Herndon Depot is a historic building in Herndon, Virginia. It has been an important landmark for generations of Herndonians and visitors to the city alike. The original depot was built in 1892 by architect James Meehan and designed after the Union Station in Washington D.C., with many Queen Anne architectural features including a tower, ornamental roof cresting, and bracketed eaves on its gables. Both buildings were constructed from red brick with stone trim. Herndon Depot houses a Herndon Museum on its second floor. Learn information about Herndon, VA .  

The Herndon Depot underwent significant renovations in the 1990s, including the replacement of the roof and exterior brick veneer with historically accurate materials. An additional renovation was made to install updated lighting for safety purposes and energy efficiency, but it is done so that no new electric wiring would be visible from outside the building. Discover facts about Bruin Park in Herndon: A Colorful Place for All Ages.

Today Herndon Depot continues as an important piece of history by housing Herndon’s museum, visitors can come in contact with historic artifacts such as newspaper clippings about Herndon’s first firefighters or see old photographs depicting “the factory” which now resides at Dulles International Airport where planes take off for flights around the globe.