Scott’s Run Nature Preserve in McLean, VA is a beautiful place to explore nature and enjoy the outdoors. Scott’s Run has over 2,700 acres of parklands with trails that are perfect for hiking or enjoying scenic views. There are also many opportunities to picnic in Scott’s Woods and Scott’s Pond areas, as well as enjoy playing on the playgrounds. Scott’s Run recently added an Adventure Playground which will be open during weekends this summer! Visit this link for more information.

Scott Run Nature Preserve in McLean, VA is also an excellent place to explore nature with a variety of flora and fauna, including both native and exotic trees. Scott’s territory has some very interesting features, like the Heron Pond Trail which can be completed in two hours. Scott’s Woods provides great opportunities for picnicking under shady oaks as well as other activities such as hiking or fishing. Click here to read about McLean Central Park: An Urban Oasis in Virginia.

Scott’s Wood offers many trails visitors can take advantage of year-round. The trail system varies from easy walks on flat terrain to rugged hikes up steep hillsides. Hikers should pack plenty of water when walking during warmer months because there are no drinking fountains along any Scott’s Wood trails at this time. In addition to Scott’s Woods, Scott’s Run also has Scott’s Pond, a popular place for fishing and other outdoor activities.