McLean, VA, is home to many scenic parks and attractions, but few can rival the beauty of Bryn Mawr Park. Nestled in a residential area of the city, this 32-acre park is a haven of tranquility for hikers, cyclists, and those who simply seek respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So it’s no wonder the park has become beloved in the community, not only for its scenic trails and refreshing lake but for its rich history and commitment to providing recreational opportunities for everyone to enjoy. Learn information about McLean, VA.

Although Bryn Mawr Park was established in 1921, its origins date even further. The land was purchased from the estate of a former soldier for $20,000 to select one of McLean’s first green spaces. Initially, the park was called “Lake Windows,” but the name was eventually changed to Bryn Mawr Park in honor of the Welsh “hill fair” term. Discover facts about McLean Racquet & Health Club: The Best Place for Fitness and Fun in McLean, Virginia.

Today, Bryn Mawr Park remains an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life. The park has more than three miles of trails, wind through rolling woods, and open spaces. The courses, available for cyclists, hikers, and joggers, offer spectacular views of the Potomac River and the picturesque, tree-lined roads of McLean. For wildlife spotting, Bryn Mawr Park is home to turtles and fish.